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The modern and custom-made portable bar system

Made the way You want it


What we offer

Dive into a world where exquisite bar services, brand storytelling, and state-of-the-art systems merge seamlessly. We are your all-encompassing partner for everything beverage-related. From hosting unforgettable events with our Full-Service Bar Catering to elevating spirits and mixer brands with unmatched experiences, our expertise is unparalleled. And for those aiming to refine their establishments, our curated bar systems offer the perfect blend of form and function. Choose us, and immerse in a holistic beverage experience that's both memorable and impeccable.

Michel Schafer

Brand Manager Jameson

Pernod Ricard Swiss AG

“It's deadly - that's Irish for absolutely class"

Viktoria Kindl

Event Managerin

Sky-Frame AG

"I would like to sincerely thank you again for your spontaneous support at our VIP event on Friday, September 1st, at our location in Frauenfeld. Your cocktails tasted fantastic!"
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