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Meet Our Founder: Kacper Dylak

Behind our brand is a man with a vision and unparalleled passion for the hospitality industry - Kacper Dylak. With an illustrious 17-year journey encompassing roles such as bartender, brand ambassador, bar consultant, and bar manager, Kacper's insights form the backbone of our company's ethos. His own bar catering agency journey further sharpened his vision, blending the fine art of mixology with impeccable event management. At Pro Portable Bars Kacper channels this expertise, setting new standards for mobile bartending.

Our Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship lies at our core. Every bar we curate stands as a testimony to precision, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. Whether it's a corporate gala, a wedding, festivals, or a private soiree, our bars promise to be the unforgettable centerpiece.

Our Services


Full-Service Bar Catering

Delivering comprehensive beverage services for any event type. Expect artisanal cocktails, an array of spirits, and an ambiance that resonates with your theme.

Brand Exposure Services

A dedicated platform for spirits and mixer brands. From spotlighting your brand at events, crafting signature drink menus, to ensuring educated brand advocacy, we elevate your brand's presence like none other.

Bar Systems

Our Bars epitomizing efficiency, style, and superior service. Designed keeping in mind diverse operational needs, these bars cater to any event scale.

Responsible Service

Ensuring every event is both memorable and safe. Our bartenders are trained to recognize over-intoxication signs and handle them with diplomacy.

Educational Advocacy and Brand Experience

Our bartenders double as brand storytellers, weaving compelling narratives about your product, ensuring every guest is engaged and informed.

Join us on our journey and elevate your events and brand experiences with Go4it Agency.

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